The debate over the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline has been a hot button issue on Capitol Hill and across the nation for many years, and has become a focal point of the growing American environmentalism movement. However, through the noise, protests and political lobbying, what are all the sides saying to defend or oppose the Keystone XL?
More than 11 million people in America are undocumented immigrants. Passionate millennials from across the political spectrum are offering solutions while young immigrants are fighting for their lives. Washington Weekly unpacks immigration reform from a variety of perspectives to show the impact on millennials, young voters and the 2016 election.
In the final year of Barack Obama's presidency, the urgency has never been higher to reform the criminal justice system in the United States, especially in relation to communities of color. An August poll released by USA Today/Rock the Vote found that criminal justice reform has now become as important to millennials under the age of 35 as jobs & the economy, student loan reform, and foreign policy.
Anytime there's a mass shooting in the United States, or in Europe, it's become a part of the American stream of consciousness to question why the alleged shooter was allowed to either purchase or acquire a gun in the first place that was used to murder and injure countless of innocent victims. In the wake of the Orlando shooting, one of the deadliest mass shootings (and terrorist attacks, for that matter) to take place on American soil since the Virginia Tech massacre, the aftermath was no different.
While the 2016 election continues to be a discussion about what the next president will do with issues such as illegal immigration or gun violence, the country is currently suffering from an epidemic that kills thousands every year caused by a drug known as opioids.
Few topics divide the American populace as sharply as abortion rights. As states across the country pass legislation that makes it harder for women to undergo the procedure, pro-choice advocates feel women are being denied a basic right while pro-life activists believe abortion policy is finally headed in the right direction after decades of setbacks.

Vision 2030 - Voices in the u.s.

Vision 2030: Voices in the U.S. is an original mini-documentary filmed on location in the United States, focused on presenting perspective on Vision 2030 through the eyes of U.S. academics, experts, and Saudi students and graduates; specifically those studying in the United States.

fashion Is

Fashion Is focuses on and follows the path of up and coming designers in resident at DC's first fashion Incubator at Macy's in the heart of Washington, DC.